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With GUTMANN Bausysteme GmbH, you have a partner who can deliver to your door a wide-ranging, top-quality portfolio and the expertise you need to give your customers the best advice. Whether you need anti-burglar protection, thermal insulation, an aesthetic upgrade to a family home, or package solutions for major customers: we can not only provide you with sales documents aimed at specific target groups, fabrication manuals for laypersons and test certificates, we can also adjust the package sizes to your needs.


Convincing quality

GUTMANN window, door and façade systems score highly for their durability and quality. They enable you to offer your customers guaranteed resistance to heat, cold, UV radiation and moisture. Simultaneously, the systems win points for their clever modular options, which turn even laypersons into professional tradespeople. With our large variety of combinable materials, systems and accessories, you can get everything from a single source./p>

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Systematic information

Each target group and each medium needs to be approached differently. Simple product documentation in the context of an IT-supported information management system (PIM) is generally not enough by itself. Our marketing-optimised sales material is tailored to a wide range of applications, covering everything from training your employees to direct customer contact online and offline.


Winning service

Our building systems can be customised and visually refined. We also offer this service for small order quantities. If you have complex queries regarding the feasibility of unusual customer wishes, our consultants are happy to help. You can discuss the issue with them directly over the phone: they will answer your questions and make sure your project is implemented quickly. We even coordinate our delivery to your schedule for your standard orders. This reduces your stock while ensuring maximum availability.

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