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Achieve excellence in your projects with GUTMANN building systems for doors, windows, and facades. Whether you're constructing new buildings, renovating, upgrading for energy efficiency, or enhancing security, our systems simplify your work. Our modular elements and diverse profile options allow for easy customization, ensuring high-quality results and seamless integration of various materials like aluminum, wood, plastic, or structural bronze. We offer extensive documentation to support your design process and welcome inquiries to learn more.

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Incredibly flexible and robust: aluminum systems

Aluminum boasts a multitude of applications, being both lightweight and incredibly durable. It's no surprise that aluminum is in high demand, especially in facade design. GUTMANN aluminum systems are thermally insulated and offer top-notch quality and precision wherever they're employed. Accessories and seals are universally compatible across our ranges. Additionally, our aluminum surfaces can be customized in a vast array of colors to suit any design scheme.

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Effortless upkeep and user-friendly: PVC/aluminum systems

Plastic offers the advantages of being lightweight, low-maintenance, and customizable in various colors. With options ranging from RAL and NCS standards to decorative and special hues, the possibilities are endless. The DECCO PVC-aluminum system merges these benefits with the practicality of aluminum, delivering a solution that is not only easy to maintain but also simple to install thanks to innovative technology.

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Shielding externally, comforting internally: aluminum-wood systems

The fusion of wood and aluminum in our systems harnesses the excellent thermal insulation of wood alongside the durability of aluminum against harsh weather conditions. This blend not only ensures longevity but also reduces costs and enhances quality of life. For instance, aluminum exteriors offer superior weatherproofing while wooden interiors create a warm and inviting ambiance. Despite the perception of requiring intricate design and installation, GUTMANN aluminum-wood systems make the process remarkably simple.

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Aesthetic allure combined with unparalleled safeguarding: architectural bronze

GUTMANN's architectural bronze offers an ideal option for creating unique accents in building design. This copper-based metal adds a distinctive touch to modern structures. Unlike alternative materials, architectural bronze demands no upkeep and boasts resilience against weather and environmental factors. Leveraging our GUTMANN wood-aluminum systems as a foundation, we're equipped to provide all profiles in this special material upon request. Bronze profiles exhibit properties akin to aluminum, with marginally less thermal expansion and slightly enhanced stability.

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System Enhancements

Often overlooked yet crucial: window sills and door thresholds play a functional role in buildings. However, these fittings should also seamlessly complement your design vision. GUTMANN offers solutions that not only integrate seamlessly with the aesthetics of your building but also fulfill essential functions such as weatherproofing, thermal insulation, and safety. This is achieved through the use of high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

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