World's Leading Trade Fair BAU 2023


It was six intensive days at this year's BAU in Munich and GUTMANN was there with full commitment. Now the trade fair is over - and it was a complete success.



A 'family reunion' for the industry

As the world's largest platform for architecture, materials and systems, BAU attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every time to discover the latest developments and trends in the construction industry. After a four-year break from Corona, it was held in 2023 for the first time in presence - and so it was clear that GUTMANN wanted to take the opportunity to participate again and meet face-to-face with customers and partners, as well as potential new customers.

The numbers show: The construction industry is ready for the future. This year, around 190,000 visitors came to Munich - despite warning strikes at German airports and in local and long-distance public transport. 2,260 exhibitors from 49 countries presented themselves on the trade fair grounds and impressed with an extensive supporting programme.


"BAU has always been a 'family reunion' for the industry and after such a long break, it was time to see and talk to each other again," confirms Max Radt, Head of Export.



Focus on sustainability and digitalisation

The big topics at the booth of GUTMANN Bausysteme were sustainability and digitalisation. On a total area of 250m², visitors were able to examine a wide range of GUTMANN products - such as the various wood-aluminium systems, which are predestined for buildings with a demand for quality and sustainability. "Wood is 'the' building material that is currently replacing traditional building materials in many areas in order to reduce the CO2 footprint. Even though Gutmann has been a leading developer of wood-aluminium systems for a long time, we have now become the target of many architects and planners thanks to our product range," explains Max Radt.



In addition to these systems, we also showed products in the field of building hardware, especially the various solutions for fall protection. The GUTMANN window sill system was represented as a classic and is still a cornerstone for sustainable façades. The aluminium systems - from the façade to the window and door systems - were presented to show the entire portfolio of GUTMANN building systems and thus the diversity.
Im Bereich Digitalisierung wurden vor allem die B2B Plattform tuulo und die inzwischen stark ausgebauten Konfiguratoren unterschiedlicher Produkte und Online-Bestellmöglichkeiten vorgestellt. Absturzsicherungen können als Set konfiguriert und komplett online als vorkonfektionierte Ware bestellt werden.


In the area of digitalisation, the B2B platform tuulo and the now greatly expanded configurators of various products and online ordering options were showcased. Safety barriers can be configured as a set and ordered completely online as prefabricated goods.



Positive response encourages GUTMANN

The booth concept was characterised by a balanced relationship between exhibits, sufficient space with large communication areas and high-quality catering, and enabled intensive and professional discussions. It was important to us to welcome visitors generously and thus create a good atmosphere for discussion. GUTMANN succeeded in this: We received positive feedback from many visitors for the booth and the design with lots of wood and warm colours.



It was also important for GUTMANN to be present at the booth from Monday to Saturday with the company's decision-makers. We decided to be on site with the entire management team on all days. We were supported by colleagues from the field service, the technology and the office service. The permanent attendance made it possible to always put the visitors in contact with the right people at the fair.


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