Colour psychology deals with the background of colour perception: how do colours influence people's feelings and thoughts? How do colour trends emerge - and which global events and cultural developments reflect them? But colours are not only found in science - architecture is also unthinkable without them as an influential design tool. They shape the exterior appearance of each building. We have analysed the wishes and requirements of our customers - and visualised them in the new GUTMANN colour box "COLOURS BY GUTMANN".


Which colour is the right one for the window, door or façade element? This decision is not always easy and the GUTMANN colour world offers countless combination and variation possibilities. For this reason, the new GUTMANN colour box "COLOURS BY GUTMANN" was designed, which now serves as inspiration for your individual project. It presents you with a selection of your favourite colours by GUTMANN - a small area of the overall picture. Included are 24 aluminium colour samples, both powder-coated and anodised variants. Use the samples to harmonise your elements and materials. In addition to the small selection of our customers' most popular GUTMANN colours, GUTMANN can meet every requirement with over 1000 powder and surface variants. The customer can choose from a wide range of colours according to RAL and NCS as well as decorative and special colours. Furthermore, our configurator facilitates the selection: All available finishes can be easily visualised in a preview.



Two methods of surface treatment for aluminium

Not only the colour design can be varied through the different processes. The surface quality and corrosion resistance can also be improved.

Anodising is used to create a protective layer in a controlled way by anodic oxidation. This prevents natural, uncontrolled oxidation of the metal through reaction with oxygen and creates an extremely hard and scratch-resistant surface that retains the metallic character of the aluminium. The anodised layers can be coloured by different processes.


Durability, functionality and decorative appearance are the factors that define powder coating. The process offers the entire colour spectrum of the RAL palette. Special colours, different textures and effects as well as flood-resistant surfaces are also possible. Since the completion of the horizontal as well as vertical coating plant with a capacity of 1.4 million m², this process can also be carried out on the premises of GUTMANN Bausysteme GmbH in Weissenburg. The customer benefits from more efficient structures, as delivery times for stocked powders have been reduced as a result. And regardless of whether the product ends up matt, glossy or metallic: the pricing for the surface coating remains transparent.

Façade design, just like social issues, evolves over time - and we're excited to see which colours you choose.

Click here to go to the GUTMANN colour box "COLOURS BY GUTMANN"


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