GUTMANN exposed fall prevention system FPS-K

System Accessories


Thanks to an intelligent configurator, ordering our new FPS-K sets – including pre-packed fixing materials – is really easy. Fast, easy mounting characterises the FPS-K system, which can also be used in combination with roller blinds, Venetian blinds and insect screen systems.

Floor-to-ceiling windows as a design element are gaining in popularity not only in modern office buildings, but also in private homes. Unlike balcony doors, they open into a void, so this type of window must be equipped with a special fall prevention system. One of the main concerns of modern architecture is to provide an unobstructed view outside without neglecting safety issues.


  • For mounting on frame materials such as wood, wood-aluminium, plastic and plastic-aluminium, regardless of system supplier.
  • Heights between 500 and 1200 mm and widths from 500 – 2200 mm can be freely configured.
  • Tested for glass thicknesses 12.76 mm and 16.76 mm.
  • All sets include pre-packed fixing material i.e., all fixing materials for the corresponding frame material.
  • Further functional elements such as insect screen systems, roller blinds, venetian blinds etc. can be fitted between FPS and window.
  • Consoles in the lengths 125 mm, 150 mm or 175 mm are used for distancing.
  • Fast, easy fixing without further mechanical processing of the FPS-K.
  • The FPS mounting brackets are hidden from view in the ETICS or brick façade.
  • Prompt availability of in-stock standard colours RAL 9016, RAL 7016 GM and E6/EV1. Edge protection also available in EV1.
  • Also available in all special colours on request.
  • Uniform appearance of the entire fall prevention system, as the edge protection and cover are supplied in the same colour as the main profiles.
  • Customer-optimised labelling with their specific information about order and item number.
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