Curtain Wall System


Large glazed surfaces made easy

Thanks to the use of mullion-transom add-on curtain walls with large glazed areas and ever-more-stringent demands in terms of thermal insulation and safety, modern structures are using increasingly large and heavy panes of glass. As such, the structures need to be able to bear increasingly heavy weights of glass.

With its new glass-bearing cross member and the TWINLOC mullion-transom connector, GUTMANN now offers a tried-and-tested solution for heavy glass that has been approved by the building authorities and combines both the functional and the design elements of the modern architectural world. In addition to having the familiar wood bearing design of the TWINLOC mullion-transom connector, it can also be installed with minimal preparation. The pre-fitted glass-bearing cross members can be installed in the base and mullion profiles easily with just a few additional screws.

  • Suitable for pane weights till 500 / 600 kg.
  • For glass thickness of 44 mm – 64 mm
  • Simple installation
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA)

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