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MIRA angled rebate with increased inclined water drain

The GUTMANN MIRA SF2 is a new addition to the MIRA system family. The angle of the inclined water drain has been increased to max. 13°. All standard accessories in the MIRA family can be used without restrictions in the elegant GUTMANN solution. The MIRA angled rebate can also be combined with GUTMANN MIRA and MIRA contour leaf profiles.

The system tests RC and FPS-I and for driving rain and airtightness are transferable.

  • Modern design in an angular style providing maximum energy efficiency with the highest possible safety and comfort
  • Fixed glazing in a masking frame profile (20 mm glass penetration) without bevelling the inclined water drain
  • Inclined water drain of max. 13°
  • Small opening angles (leaf width min. 400 mm) are possible with wood thicknesses of 88 mm or more
  • Standard system accessories from the MIRA system family can be used
  • Transferable system tests from the MIRA family
Water tightnessWater tightness9 A
Air permeabilityAir permeability4
Wind loadWind loadC3/ B3
Impact resistanceImpact resistance4

Test sample: Double-sashed tilt & turn window with operable center section (2,200 mm x 2,200 mm)

1 Element size: 1.230 mm x 1.480 mm | Wood species: Spruce | Wood thickness: 88 mm | Ug value: 0,6 W/m2K | Glass spacer: Thermix TX.N plus

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