GUTMANN as sustainable partner

As an international supplier of high-quality window, door and façade solutions made of aluminium, we bear a special responsibility - for customers, employees, society and the environment.
We have therefore asked ourselves the question: What can GUTMANN do to ensure that the world remains worth living in in the future?


The next generation of sustainability

Global climate change, limited resources and increasing social and economic conflicts define today's world. Europe wants to become the world's first climate-neutral continent by 2050. In Germany, the new climate protection law has set an even more ambitious goal: The Federal Republic is to be climate neutral five years earlier by 2045. Our actions in the here and now will have a significant impact on the quality of life of future generations. As part of one of the world's largest and most demanding industries, GUTMANN has the opportunity to have a positive and lasting impact on customers and society. As we all know, the "Action Plan for the Circular Economy" published only two years ago in March 2020 is one of the most important building blocks of the European "Green Deal". And we at GUTMANN Bausysteme GmbH also subscribe to this new European agenda for sustainable, fair growth and a climate-neutral, resource-efficient economy.


Reusing valuable resources

For GUTMANN, the focus is no longer exclusively on benefits or economic success. Aluminium is not inexhaustible, and its production is very expensive in terms of energy. But this is where sustainable architecture with future-proof technology concepts can come in. Our goal: not to waste precious resources, but to reuse them - without compromising quality. We have implemented an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50.001.

"The goal is a production and material cycle that is as closed and loss-free as possible. The energy management system supports the reduction of energy consumption and the continuous improvement of the energy efficiency of the plants with a focus on best practice. - Arnd Brinkmann, Managing Director GUTMANN building systems UK


100 % quality and only 5 % energy - aluminium recycling pays off

A change in thinking is taking place that includes the entire production chain, because the resource efficiency of products only becomes clear when the entire life cycle is considered. Starting with metal extraction, processing into semi-finished and finished products, use and ending with recycling. As far as recycling is concerned, aluminium, unlike other materials, can be endlessly reused without any loss of quality - because the special material properties remain 100% intact. Aluminium recycling requires only about 5 percent of the energy needed for primary production. GUTMANN takes advantage of this opportunity to curb global emissions and recycles almost all of the production scrap generated during manufacturing back into the production process.





Thinking in cycles

New forms of planning, building and living are required to protect our planet. The new view of architecture strives for CO2-neutral building - with reusable materials that, in the best case, also bind carbon dioxide. In the building sector, a wide variety of certifications exist that check the product life cycle, classify building products and thus serve as proof of sustainable construction: The US LEED rating, the British BREEAM rating, the French HQE certification or the German DGNB rating. They all evaluate the sustainability of entire buildings. But at GUTMANN Bausysteme GmbH, we pursue the goal of starting our sustainability strategy at the earliest possible point in our production chain, namely during product development. That is why another certification comes to the fore: the Cradle to Cradle certification. The principle is based on thinking in cycles and considers the sustainability of individual products. This makes the concept more meaningful for us than the overall evaluation of a building, which takes many more aspects into account. The product is the focus. The first Cradle to Cradle certified product is our GUTMANN GCW 050/060 façade system.

"For us, sustainability is not a question of marketing trends, but a question of solid credibility as a family business. Sustainability is always most efficient when it is thought away from the beginning of a process. At GUTMANN building systems UK, we therefore pursue the goal of starting our sustainability strategy at the earliest possible point in our production chain, namely during product development." - Max Radt, Sales Director Aluminium Systems & International Projects


Dedication to aluminium and the environment

The industry must develop products in such a way that they are easier to recycle. A|U|F is a cooperation of system houses, processors and suppliers in the aluminium industry that is committed to a future-oriented and environmentally conscious use of aluminium. Our commitment underlines our intention to protect the environment with innovative technologies and to guarantee the recycling of aluminium in Germany and Europe. We take responsibility. We don't just talk about sustainability - we act with sustainability in mind.

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